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CopacabanaMariscos and Sushi Restaraunt
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Cam had a deep understanding of different platforms and helped reach the target audience effectively. His strategies were innovative and provided regular updates on the progress. I highly recommend him if you're looking to take your marketing game to the next level
Lori Olson
Lori OlsonCompass Real Estate
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Cameron is an incredibly hardworking and trustworthy young man. His dedication and commitment to his customers is unmatched. I highly recommend working with Cameron for all your needs! Keep up the great work my friend!
Taylor Jones
Taylor JonesConsultant @ Bannack Group
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Did some work with Cam in the past and had a great experience. Would highly recommend Cam if you want to take your abilities to the next level.
James Campbell
James CampbellSeattle Seahawks Cornerback
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Cameron brings a level of dedication and knowledge that is truly exceptional. He possesses an in-depth understanding of marketing.
Patton Germann
Patton GermannVivint | Smart Home Security
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Cam grew my follower base on social media and introduced me to people I never would have met had it not been for his networking.
Kyrese Rowan
Kyrese RowanUtah State University Wide Receiver
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Cam has the experience and the skillset to help anyone he works with take their game to the next level. He and I were teammates at one of the top programs in the country and he immediately came in and made an impact as a freshman. He’s got exceptional footwork, route running, releases, hands, and years of experience under his belt. If you’re looking for a receiver coach that will improve your game, Cam is that guy.
Jake Mitten
Jake MittenHigh School Football Coach
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I can't recommend Cameron enough. He worked wonders for my brand. If you're looking to take your training and brand to the next level, Cameron is the one for the job!
Sebastian Macaluso
Sebastian MacalusoSan Jose State Wide Receiver
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Cam has extensive knowledge of the WR position and is very detailed in his craft. Having a coach who is passionate about his craft and has also been able to preform at the highest levels is very important and Cam provides both. He is a high character man and whoever is looking to be trained by the best and elevate their play will be able to just that by working with Cam. He will help you excell on the field but just as important he will help you become a better man.
Dominique Thompson
Dominique ThompsonCal Poly University Wide Receiver
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Cameron is well skilled and knowledgeable on the techniques to be a great receiver. He has years of experience at the D1 level at the top programs in the country. Cameron is committed to being the best and offering the best to all of his clients.
Charlie Vincent
Charlie VincentUniversity of Utah Runningback
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Cam is a resilient, smart, loyal and persistent person. He makes a great effort to know and understand people to work with them to the best of his ability. Cam is a student of the game and has played at some of the highest levels of college football, so I wouldn’t doubt his knowledge of the game, nor his work ethic, as he thrived at one of the hardest programs in the country; Utah.
Jordan Washington
Jordan WashingtonSouthern Utah University Cornerback
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I’ve never met an individual that was so invested in his craft. The amount of time put in on details and getting maximum effort always stood out to me about Cam. Cam has played at the top divisions from High School to College, all the experiences I was able to learn from him while training was amazing. His work ethic allowed me to reflect to myself and make me want to push harder. I’m grateful to know a great individual like Cam. I am so excited to work with my guy in the near future !
Charles Brown
Charles BrownTexas State University Wide Receiver
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As an current athlete and former teammate I can say Cam truly loves the game. He also shows how selfless he is by giving game on and off the field. I couldn’t recall any day where he didn’t come to work and prefect his craft.
Micah Bernard
Micah BernardUniversity of Utah Runningback
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Cam Gardner is exceptionally a knowledgeable of the game, he knows his ways in in out of coverages, ability to not only teach but show and a hard worker.
Tayvian Williams
Tayvian WilliamsMontana State University Wide Receiver
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Knowledgeable and experienced with football fundamentals and how to refine techniques
Jaden Smith
Jaden SmithTarleton State University Wide Receiver
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Cam is a student of the game . Always a guy that wanted to do extra work not to mention a weight room addict. Never stopped asking questions about the game and he never backed down from a new challenge
Jordan Wilmore
Jordan WilmoreUtah State University Runningback
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Cameron is a quick learner and honestly is super smart. He works hard when he has a task to do and completely just lock in when it's time to!
Thomas Kinslow
Thomas KinslowUtah Tech University Runningback
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I’ve had the privilege of playing on the same team as Cam in high school and I can say it was a complete honor to be playing with him. Hard working, great spirit on and off the field, and always wanting to find ways to do the little things right and be great at whatever he does. All respect and love and a phenomenal athlete.

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