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Cameron holds accolades at both the University of Utah and Montana State University where he had the privilege of playing for their long standing Championship level Football Programs. Cam Gardner is a present day entrepreneur who has managed to marry skill sets in business, literature, financial services, and college sports into a one-stop shop brand name. Under the guidance of investor, entrepreneur and author Alex Hormozi, Cameron has earned a tertiary level of learning in the marketing and sales game. Leveraging his credibility in a multitude of verticals, Cameron has been able to demonstrate a sustained production of brand awareness over a host of platforms using advertising and content marketing.

Working hand in hand with other successful entrepreneurs and athletes, Cameron has a proven track record of implementing and executing marketing initiatives that have been able to drive growth in brand awareness and client acquisition.

Cameron Gardner has also written “Credit Where Credit is Due” & “Goal Getter”, short ebooks that reach over 9,000 people monthly. These books are a vehicle Cameron uses to shed light on both the physical and financial wellness scene.


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